Wingate Asset Management

Founded in 2005 as a specialist international equity manager, we take a lower risk approach to investing in high quality companies from around the world.

Our Philosophy

We invest in quality and certainty

We invest in quality and certainty

Companies with established products, proven track records and customer loyalty provide superior long-term returns with less investment risk. We avoid paying for blue sky as it is typically overpriced and can usually be purchased for free within high quality companies.

Income is a powerful source of return

Income is a powerful source of return

Our investment process enhances the certainty of return and creates a buffer against losses. We seek long-term outperformance by capturing the majority of the market’s strength while insulating investors from periods of market weakness.

A risk-focused investment mindset

A risk-focused investment mindset

Rather than defining risk in terms of share price volatility, we view it as the likelihood of a permanent diminution in capital. By incorporating an assessment of risk at multiple stages of the investment process, we are able to take advantage of long-term investment opportunities during periods of short-term irrational market behaviour.
Valuation is of paramount importance

Valuation is of paramount importance

While earnings are a barometer of a company’s operational performance, valuation ultimately determines investment performance. Using multiple valuation approaches reduces reliance on any single assumption and provides a reasonableness check when assessing the merits of a potential investment.



Wingate Asset Management is a specialist international equity manager employing an innovative, value-oriented investment strategy. We take a high conviction approach, investing in large, high quality companies when they are attractively priced. 

Our approach seeks to deliver three distinct benefits to investors:

Upside with less risk

Lower volatility of returns

Income generation

Investors can invest via the Wingate Global Equity Fund - Wholesale Units or the Wingate Global Equity Fund - Hedged.

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Our Team

Led by Chad Padowitz, Chief Investment Officer, our investment team’s experience spans multiple geographies and industrial sectors. Importantly, all members of the investment team invest in our funds - ensuring an alignment of interest with our investors.