About Us

"We believe that if you buy the right company, at the right price, in the right way, you do better." Chad Padowitz, Chief Investment Officer

Our Philosophy

Founded as a specialist international equity manager in 2005, Wingate Asset Management’s investment process focuses on investing in high quality companies from around the world with a lower risk approach.

By incorporating the often under-appreciated benefits of dividends and option premiums into our strategy, we provide a higher degree of certainty of returns and a buffer against losses. This process has contributed to significant outperformance since inception.


Our Team

Led by Chad Padowitz, Chief Investment Officer, our investment team’s experience spans multiple geographies and industrial sectors. Importantly, the investment team also invest in our funds - ensuring an alignment of interest with our investors.



Wingate Asset Management is a specialist international equity manager employing an innovative, value-oriented investment strategy. We take a high conviction approach, investing in large, high quality companies when they are attractively priced. 

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